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Free Arts of Minnesota: Quality mentoring through artistic expression

Through the healing power of art, Free Arts Minnesota mentors and volunteers give hope and inspire a more positive future for children and youth who have experienced poverty, homelessness, abuse or mental illness.

Free Arts mentors work to increase children’s self-esteem and build character by unlocking the imagination through dance, drama, writing, music, painting, sculpting, photography and other avenues of creativity. Children and families participating in Free Arts programs learn ways to channel emotion, release anger and express themselves safely. Building artistic skills gives children a positive sense of their own abilities.

Watch Free Arts in action.

Free Arts has earned the Expert Partner designation from the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota, through its Quality Mentoring Assessment Path (QMAP) process.

Learn more about Free Arts of Minnesota at www.freeartsminnesota.org, and celebrate National Mentoring Month in January.