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Minnesota Urban Debate League fosters engaged learners, active citizens

Through competitive academic debate, Minnesota Urban Debate League (MNUDL), a program of Augsburg College, empowers students to become engaged learners, critical thinkers, and active citizens who are effective advocates for themselves and their communities. MNUDL evaluation data show that participation increases reading proficiency by as much as three grade levels, boosts self-esteem, decreases risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, and assists in graduating from high school and finding pathways to higher education. More than 750 students at 39 partner schools participate in MNUDL each year. Since its inception in 2004, 100% of participating debaters have graduated on time and 99% of graduating debaters have been accepted to college.

In 2014-2015, MNUDL was proud to pilot an initiative specifically designed to engage middle and high school students of Somali descent in debate.

Learn more about Minnesota Urban Debate League at augsburg.edu/urbandebateleague.